I'm Jeannie, founder of L.A. Cleaning Experts.

I live in Los Angeles but am originally from Chicago. I came to Los Angeles to reconnect with family and never went back! I attended school here and went to Rio Hondo where I earned a business administration degree. I wanted to start a business that I was passionate about so this suited me perfectly! I love this city, the food and culture so I decided this is where I want to be!

I met my husband here about 10 years ago so now I'm kept pretty busy between my family, my two maltipoos and this business! I work a lot but I do enjoy family time and vacations throughout the year! I especially love travelling to Italy, and was there just a few months ago where I got to taste test some new wines and make lasagna from scratch. To my surprise, it came out amazingly delicious!

I love life and getting to know people. Doing what I love is a blessing for me and am now so glad that I can help people and make them happy also!

Hello there!

Why I started this business...

My inspiration for starting this venture came from my need to having a clean home but not just a normal type of clean but the kind of clean you can truly feel and smell. Growing up for me, that meant either pine sol, ajax or bleach. Those products used to be my go to but after increased allergies year after year, those chemicals didn't smell clean to me instead they were too strong and realized then how harsh they were. I decided to try more natural types products and soon realized the smells were no longer nauseating but more refreshing and my home felt more like my sanctuary! I tested many products before finding exactly what worked and what I liked but soon after I was so happy and thought how I could go all these years blindly choosing products that I thought were right but in the long run, feel like those products contributed to my run down immune system. I didn't realize I was compromising my health just to have a clean home! I needed to take matters in to my own hands and provide products that are safe and also effective.

Our mission

Our home is our sanctuary and we all want to live in a clean, hygienic, and beautiful environment. We value your health as well as ours, and our goal is to effectively clean your home without compromising high standards.

We strive to provide quality work, excellent service and use the best environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants available. We use only highly effective and top-rated products in the eco cleaning industry so all of our products are non-toxic, pet friendly, child safe and most importantly safe for your health!

Our team of licensed professionals at L.A. Cleaning Experts, use the best technology, along with high quality supplies and products in every project.

Additionally, at every cleaning we provide new micro-fiber cloths, sponges, scouring pads and only utilize HEPA filtered vacuums.

Our cleaning team is fully trained, highly experienced, and extremely efficient in getting the hardest of jobs done. We are confident that you will be satisfied and guarantee your happiness!

We are licensed and 100% insured up to $1 Million so you can feel confident knowing you’re in excellent hands when you choose us!

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